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Domestic full truck load transport

Looking for a reliable business partner providing FTL transport service throughout Poland? You have come to the right place!

By consciously extending the net of different Polish branches and contract logistics warehouses, we offer your company the highest quality service. We use our modern, constantly improved fleet and contract fleet based on long-term cooperation with carriers, which gives us total control and knowledge of the course of individual processes and the certainty that the load is safe.

Whether our cooperation is a one-time order or we operate under a contract, we will make every effort to ensure we customize our offer to your needs. Taught by experience, we know how to adjust solutions to ensure cost optimization and the minimum time needed to complete a specific order. Our human resources, warehouses, and equipment facilities allow us to meet the most complex and complicated requirements.

We provide high safety standards in transport (including ADR warehouse), a modern and reliable fleet supported by its own TIR service, and a dedicated team of specialists ready to help you at every stage of the order, including post its execution.

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