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The UNIQ LOGISTIC warehouse in Kutno is a modern facility with a surface of ​​nearly 2,600 m2, meeting the highest standards in terms of location, area, and solutions used inside buildings. In the A-class warehouse, we offer our Customers the possibility of storing various goods.

Thanks to many years of experience in various projects, our logistics specialists, in addition to standard storage, offer our Clients many other services. We provide, among others, "just in time" deliveries and warehouse-production lines. We carry out initial quality control (sorting, minor repairs), complete the goods, label, repackage, and send them to final recipients (Value-Added Services).

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Kaszewy Kościelne 23B
99-314 Kaszewy Kościelne

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Łódź, 93-231
ul. Dąbrowskiego 225/243

NIP: 982 035 17 95
REGON: 100486212
KRS: 0001033798