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Ecological and economical combined transport

The economic situation in the world and widespread care for the environment have resulted in a new, non-standard, and still rare in Poland service – combined transport.

Thanks to various modes of transport, we deliver cargo in one loading unit "from door to door" to every country in Europe. Optimal use of road, rail, air, and water connections – inland and sea – means:

  • punctual cargo delivery to the recipient,
  • ability to withstand any unfavorable road or weather conditions, as well as current political affairs,
  • sustainable costs,
  • total safety – on special request, we additionally insure the goods of our broker,
  • carbon footprint reduction by 60-80%.

Combined transport requires proper organization and accurate selection of appropriate solutions to optimize the supply chain. The operator's experience and access to infrastructure with various modes of transport also play a crucial role. UNIQ LOGISTIC employees comprehensively plan and organize combined transport.

On-time, flexible, and modern – combined transport with UNIQ LOGISTIC!

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